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Take a break and get back to feeling your best. Each session has pressure according to your comfort level. No need to rush each treatment runs for the time scheduled and time is built between sessions for Beth to check you out and get ready for the next guest.

​"As a teacher, I always feel stressed, impatient, and unable to relax. Not only the stress at work, but stress at home . Before working with Beth, I dealt with the issues on my own and really didn't believe massages could help. She proved me WRONG! Her massages are my therapeutic relief and outlet from life's stressors !!"  --M

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About Beth

A little more info: Beth has training in Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial release, and Spontaneous Muscle Release Therapy. She began her journey in Massage in 2012 after climbing the corporate ladder and realizing that after 15 years she was still not  happy.  So after much planning she packed up very few belongings and relocated from North Carolina to Tallahassee to go to an amazing school and be closer to family. She tries to live life as simply as possible to provide for her small family. She stives to keep her knowledge and training fresh to provide ultimate pain relief for her people.

Adel  Massage​

 108 S Goodman St, Sparks, Ga (at Hairworks)

It's been almost a month since my first migraine and relaxation massage and I have to say it is well worth the time and money. I was having migraines weekly that would last 2-3 days or longer. I take prescription migraine medicine but would still get them. Since my massage, I have not had a migraine! --Germaine Veal

Beth has been in practice for 6 years. She graduated from Core Institute in Tallahassee. Her training is primarily in pain relief from a western medical perspective. This means she is not trained in reflexology, energy work, or chakras. Her style is slow and firm using just a little lotion for maximum results. Let her know if there are areas that you love work on (like face and neck) and how the pressure is.  You should always experience what we call a good hurt and never a bad hurt. Asking her to back off does not make you a wuss....and asking her to do more pressure won't hurt her feelings. Everyone is different and she does her best to give YOUR PERFECT MASSAGE  


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